The best lead capture plugins for WordPress

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Online based businesses have to ensure they are transforming website guests to subscribe as paying customers. This is the reason behind the importance of having lead capture plugins for Word Press; they enable both generation of leads and increasing email list subscription.

There are different varieties of lead capture plugins, both paid and free alternatives. However, there are many factors that may influence your decision of which plugins to use. Some of the factors that determine the choice for a particular lead capture plugin’s include: speed of load time, cost of the plugins, difficulty when using and resource intensiveness among others which may cause your website to slow down. Therefore, your decision to choose the best lead capture plugins for your Word Press should be influenced by both convenience and ease of use. The purpose of this article is to discuss some of the best lead capture plugins for Word Press to help you to choose one that suits your needs.

Thrive Leads – Top Pick

Looking for the best and most impressive paid alternative lead capture plugin, worry no more, Thrive Leads is the solution to all your needs. You will not have any problem when growing your long list for email subscribers because the plugin contains every feature that you need. Benefits range from popovers to scroll boxes and other opt-in form types.There is a great selection of templates, customization of templates and features such as the drag and drop editor. There is no limit to the number of opt-in forms that you may desire to create and at the same time selecting the pages/categories/tags that you may want to display on them. Additionally, it has a unique split. For the best converter you can use the ribbon or scroll box. To come out with the best type of triggers, you may also try running splitting tests.


WordPress recognizes Bloom as one of the most comprehensive paid option lead capture plugin.Elegant Themes teams are identified as the original creators of this plugin.The plugin allows you to add different opt-in form types raging from: below post, fly-ins, widgets and inline. For content locking plugin it allows your readers to feed their email addresses and reveal premium benefits such as free download, blossom. It also offers a list of settings to work on. Using the preview button, you easily get to access the form on your screen.

Bloom does not come with an exit intent trigger, but instead there are multiple triggers suitable for popovers/fly-in forms. Having an opportunity to choose on how to trigger popovers immediate after a comment or inactivity is just one thing feature you will find very fascinating. The other types of plugins rarely contain these types of triggers. There is a wide variety of templates you can choose.

WP Subscribe

This lead capture plugin is considered as a trivial option for WordPress. It is designed with the ease of use and more so it is free! All you need is to install it and then activate it. Then you can go to the widget page and put it in your area of choice. After doing this, you need to register the details of the email providers that are supported. Current it supports AWeber, MailChimp and Feedburner. It has other suitable options that will allow you to customize the colours and labels of your preference. Additionally, it has an upgrade option where you can use the pro version for only $27. This upgrade avails you with the option of adding popovers and other features that will help in increasing your website membership.


It is difficult to determine the winner of the best lead capture plugins for WordPress. You should consider your budget, display, site speed and features that you want when choosing from the current capture plugins. You should also ensure that the plugin of your choice is not annoying the user. Most importantly ensure that the functionality of the lead plugins does not have a negative effect for your word press. The above list is recommended as some of the best lead capture plugins for WordPress available in the market. The best to tackle any of your imaginative work.