InMotion Hosting Review

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inmotion hosting reviewWe signed up with Inmotion Hosting when we launched Invictus Themes and we’ve been with them for over 6 months now so we thought we’d do a short review of their hosting service.

This site runs on the cheapest WordPress hosting plan that Inmotion offers, the Launch plan, which is a shared hosting service so this is what we are reviewing. We paid for 2 years in advance so the cost works out at $5.99/month. You can get it cheaper if you pay up to 3yrs in advance.

InMotion offer great prices for sure, but we were more attracted by the promised performance. For instance, on all plans they provide solid state drives (SSDs), which are much faster than old school hard drives…up to 20x faster apparently. Read on to find out if they lived up to their promise…

InMotion Uptime Performance

The first thing you’ll want to know is how stable has the site been, and the short answer is “very stable”…

Here is the uptime performance for over the last 6months as tracked by As you can see we have had a total of 1hr of downtime in that six months which means up time is 99.96%. Quite honestly we are thrilled with this performance.

inmotion hosting uptime performance

Keep in mind that 100% uptime is simply not possible. Your server will always need some kind of maintenance at the very least so a few minutes of downtime here and there is to be expected, and just 60 mins over a six month period I think is really good. I didn’t keep a record of all intended maintenance downtime (they always let you know ahead of time), but I suspect that much of that 60 mins was planned. Also keep in mind that this is a low cost shared server. I’m not paying for a dedicated server here, or even a VPS, so that makes it all the more impressive.

We have used just about all the major hosting companies at different times over the last 10 years or so and I don’t recall having any shared hosting plan be quite this consistent. We’re very happy.

InMotion Load Performance

Of course uptime is important, but it isn’t the only measure of performance. It is all very good and well if you site is up, but how much traffic can it handle before it slows down or falls over. This, rather than uptime, is usually the problem with shared hosting.

To assess the ability of our site to handle traffic we ran a test on Load Impact simulates real visitors from multiple locations surfing around your site and records the impact on performance as the number of simulated visitors gets higher. The chart below shows the results of the test we ran on, running the number of concurrent visitors up to 500…

inmotion hosting speed

An important note about this chart…the time on the right hand axis is not the time to load a page, it is the time it took for each simulated visitor to run through the predefined set of actions on the site, which included loading multiple pages and media files. The result we want to see from this test is a fairly flat green line which indicates that the average test time for each simulated user didn’t change too much as the number of concurrent users increased.

So the results in this case are really good. as the number of concurrent users climbed all the way to 500 the average test time didn’t really change much.  It changed a bit, but not a significant amount. I actually didn’t expect a shared hosting plan to cope with nearly that much traffic…indeed if you actually had that much traffic on a consistent basis you could expect a call from the hosting company eventually about upgrading to a bigger plan because 500 concurrent users at an average of 2-3 mins per visit adds up to ALOT of traffic and bandwidth.

Suffice to say I am very impressed with the ability of our cheap shared hosting plan to cope with a very large amount of traffic…an amount of traffic which are actually very unlikely to ever see. It’s nice to know though that the site won’t fall over if we did suddenly receive a lot of traffic for some reason.

InMotion Service and Support

I can’t really comment too much about the support because we literally havn’t needed support, ever. Inmotion Hosting pre-installs WordPress (if you want it), so I didn’t even have to do that. I did log into the control panel to configure some mailboxes, but I literally havn’t logged into the control panel since then because we simply havn’t needed to. The site has been very stable and we’ve never had any trouble.

I do recall being a little surprised at the length of time it took to verify our order and provision the account, but really this wasn’t a big deal, and I can’t blame Inmotion for being cautious. They need to protect themselves from fraud and as an overseas buyer I probably had to go through an extra level of verification. Some other hosts have instant provisioning which is  kind of nice when you know exactly what you need and really want to get on with it and get it done. That said, I wouldn’t trade the site performance we’ve got for any marginal improvement in provisioning time.

Inmotion Hosting Review Summary

In summary, we’ve had really good uptime with only 60mins of downtime in the last 6 months. As I mentioned I’m sure much of this was planned maintenance and I can say that I’ve never actually experienced any downtime (they plan maintenance work at night). We are also enjoying exceptionally good technical performance with a capacity I have not seen before in a shared hosting plan.

Inmotion Hosting get a massive thumbs up from me. I couldn’t be more happy with the performance and I feel very good about recommending them if you are in the market for a shared hosting provider.